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Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
talking about medicare, they cannot afford the $6,400. they cannot afford $64. people like carol who attended bradley university in today is an engineer because of programs. she fears that the program will not be available to students down the line. that is just not right. we talked about this a couple of times tonight. dot turner, 61 years old who worked at the plan for 43 years and her job is gone to china, training her chinese replacement. these other wrong priorities. i'm here to say, here is what i want to work on. medicare is a security are there for future generations. the incentives that are sending jobs over to place a china doll wait. and i want to make sure that we balance the budget bill which will -- but with the right priorities. i respectfully ask for your vote. i can tell you, i will never stop fighting for the middle-class and working families of this region. >>moderater: likewise, a closing statement from congressman schilling. schilling: i would like that tell people that this fight came to me. my family and i were running our small business, raising my kids, watch
Oct 8, 2012 8:30am EDT
and the benefit of helping others and being successful in giving back to the community. >> i'm carol field with i.t. services and we support quite a few nonprofits in town. for instance, ballet austin we provide three educational opportunities there for people to learn about the arts. >> i'm ted, and through my day job as a co-owner of a publishing company with jim, we communicate to school administrators best practices throughout at least texas and beyond. as a parent of an 11 year old especially in a 15 year old, to a degree, i can every day help each of them learn. i think that role is one that probably each of us can do to some degree. >> absolutely. >> i am dr. linda wilkinson, and i have worked both in the corporate world, real estate and education. and i think i can live in and out of those worlds all this time, and i think it is very important to teach not only people in education, but children, that they can grow up and basically they can do anything that they want to if they have those skills to take with them that they can maneuver their way between different fields and different areas
Oct 9, 2012 9:00am EDT
with a garbage can over his head. look, when you watch those clips isn't it like you're in the christmas carol and it's the ghost of christmas past visiting you? a kind of blocked all of that out of my mind. but this year things really are not all that different. if anything it is a lot worse because there is a lot more at stake for the country. the futrell against conservatives has increased. the left leaders and the press are absolutely in a fathi frenzy. they want to frame at mitt romney as this guy that heats poor people, check. he hates puppies? checked. scott walker i know he's running around me tonight, but governor of wisconsin resists the recall but he really hated teachers and people like paul ryan, will he just wants to push a grand more over the cliff and watch. see her maybe if she is lucky little kibbles and bits. i mean, this is what they want people to think really incredibly productive and intelligent conservatives, and it is so over-the-top that it's ludicrous. now, barack obama as you know is the opposite of all of those things. he loves puppies, people, rainbows, and he is
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
billionaires out of texas. bob perry who doesn't ever talk to anybody is given a lot of money. carol simmons has done a lot of money. foster freeze has given a lot of money. and then the elephant in the room is sheldon edelson of nevada was given him and his wife and company have given somewhere north of $70 million to various super pac supporting romney and supporting gingrich. so that's a lot of money. that's a huge gamble to make. you have to wonder at the end of this, by their folks deserve some and from what i mean. that is just the money we know about. >> our member sheldon edelson telling the press only one in which the white house chanukah party. >> that doesn't sound so bad. >> scott mendelson is an investigation for some serious wrongdoing in china regarding some gambling issues. he's also been very vocal about positions he takes for israel and takes exactly those positions and you can expect he will not return on its investment. >> were quick on the one thing interesting that you're not seeing any super pac donation list is of course super pacs have to say who their donors are. yo
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
, her name is carol loomis. she actually writes a lot of the annual report stuff for warren buffett, and she couldn't have been more wrong because this article was written to ring the death knoll for the hedge fund industry after the '68-'70 bear market. other than the mutual fund that i and michael, everyone got pretty severely beat up, okay? but today i could name 50 hedge funds that are over $10 billion. so the argument that the industry was over was totally wrong, you know, in that what is most striking to me, the largest hedge fund in 1968 was $220 million. start-ups are starting with billions of dollars today. so it's a cyclical growth industry, and if you produce the returns, you'll grow. and if you don't, you'll atrophy. it's a little like darwinism, right? survival of the fittest. so don't think if you go into the business that it's just up, up, up, up and no hiccups along the way. what separates the men from the boys is how you do in periods of adversity and how you deal with it. in the last 20 years i've had three years where i've had losses for my investors. difficult, i
Oct 15, 2012 8:30am EDT
for new hampshire's first congressional district, former congresswoman carol shea-porter and congressman frank giuinta meet to debate right here on wbin 18. good night, everybody. >> take a look at c-span's debate hub. there's video of the vice presidential debate as well as the presidential debate from earlier this month. or see individual clips of each question, and tuesday on this web site you can see live behind-the-scenes coverage including the spin room. watch and engage with live tweets from political reporters and other viewers and add your own. >> watch and engage with c-span as president obama and republican candidate mitt romney meet this tuesday for a town hall-style presidential debate as they answer questions from the public at hofstra university in hempstead, long island. next, a knell with the new -- fellow with the new america foundation gives his insight on the political unrest in the middle east following his recent trips to egypt, syria and libya. and after that we're live with remarks by retired supreme court justice john paul stevens on gun laws,
Oct 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to the. your democrats line next. carol stream illinois this is jason. make sure you mutual television. >> caller: yes, sir. i'm calling because i know the economic situation we are doing good, great when the democrats left the office and george w. bush came in to take over. and economic started sliding all the way down, and now this man, barack obama, have stopped all that and have started this economic cycle on the path where it's fair and equal. and i think romney should stop and just bow out of the race. >> host: some of what the president, some of what mitt romney said about the president in his comments are on the economy come he said we've had four presidential and vice presidential debates and there's nothing in what the president proposed or defended that is any prospect of meeting the challenges of the time. some of the comments of mitt romney today in iowa. we will show this to you again tonight on c-span. florida is next, a republican. >> caller: hello. i just want -- just watched the speech from cairo, and i veggie chili is really inspirational -- iowa. a little reaganesqu
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7